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Title: Flash/Tune failure 2018 Ram 6.7 with G56
Post by: RyanRogers on January 11, 2020, 06:15:43 PM
An intro to my truck....some of which may be helpful. I bought this 2018 ram 3500 dually with the g56 6 speed Mercedes transmission to build a reliable welding rig. This is a one owner truck that has never been plugged into, until last night. I installed the 5Ē turbo back exhaust, block off plates/gaskets to remove the egr valve, egr cooler etc, and unplugged everything required for the flash and tune. For those who are unfamiliar, there is a bypass cable required that replaces the number 6 and 14 pins to the obd2 port and connects to the star connector prior to tuning. This was all done as per the instructions on The autocal by efilive device throws two different error codes. They both suggested that it doesnít see the truck. Canít communicate with it, so to speak. To verify that the efilive autocal device and supplied cable were not the issue, I took the truck to autozone to let them pull the codes that are thrown. Their reader couldnít communicate with the ecm either, so the issue is on my end. I am by no means an electrician. 😂 I did some obvious troubleshooting though. I put the two original pins back into the obd2 connector and tried to simply view the dtcs with the autocal device and received the same error code which suggests it still canít see the truck itís plugged into. I also ran a jumper wire from pin 3 to pin 16, with the bypass cable, and with the stock setup, to no avail. I am very fortunate that the truck runs and drives right now. It clearly is still stock tuned, but Iím terrified that the damn thing is going to go into limp mode when I head to work in the morning, 100 miles from home. Pin 3 and pin 16 are the two powered wires in the obd2 connector, one switched and one constant 12 v. I even tried disconnecting the batteries for a half hour or more today. Why wonít this sucker communicate? Iím trying to run a clean smoke free 170 hp tune on this truck with no codes, and I have the tunes in the palm of my hand. Help a brother out!

Title: Re: Flash/Tune failure 2018 Ram 6.7 with G56
Post by: magnumman on January 13, 2020, 04:48:52 PM
Turn your key on and off 3 times "not start",  off to run 3 times and on the 3rd time going to run leave ignition on.  You should get a message on your odometer that says "Pdone" or "P01xx" or P with other numbers.  This will prove Bus communication.  Try this 1st. Let us know the results.

Is it possible 6 &14 could possibly be switched when returning to stock?

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