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Title: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on August 12, 2020, 09:51:38 AM
Finally got out camping for the 1st time this year over last weekend, it was great. Came back to work 1 day and been off the last 2. Ran into a bad storm on way home from work Monday and came home to no power and a huge limb on my roof. Took from 6:30 pm Monday til just before noon today to get the huge limb down off the roof. 2nd day off waiting for tree guy. He got that one down and the one that broke off and was still hanging from other branches below. He was here less than 1/2 hour, had a bobcat with a grapple bucket. Gutter on that side is trashed, and the whole west side of my roof is all sorts of dented up (metal roof) I probably have enough material to rip off and replace the whole west hip from when I initially did the roof in 09 but not sure if I want to do that or just let the insurance do it.
At the insistence of a big mouth neighbor, my wife has already called them, instead of waiting to see just what damage was under that limb like I wanted.
Since the tree guy had 92  other jobs to get to, he just got everything down to the ground and I went and bought a new chainsaw and took it from there.
Got a stihl this time. Tired of poulan and other cheap crap.

We were out of power for 27 hours straight, got back on yesterday about 6:30ish, so glad I wasn't gonna have to get up at 3:30 am and feed the generator like the night before. Others around here not very far away still in the dark as of now.

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: magnumman on August 13, 2020, 04:33:58 PM
If you ever need an extra generator, let me know.  If i'm not using it your welcome to it.

I have some roof/siding damage from the extreme winds and hail.  1/3rd of my ridge vent separated from the roof, I have water spots on my ceilings in my dining room and master bath.  I have a couple sections of siding that are broken from debris and some other sections that slid or shifted and some siding bow'd.

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on September 27, 2020, 04:07:22 AM
well after this is over I am going insurance shopping. Fark State Fraud.....  ("State Farm") 
We pay our bill, and they expect me to do teh adjusters job..... take pix and upload them, do everything online... That aint what I pay for. Get your adjuster out here!
It took from 8/11 to 8/29 to get adjuster out here.... ridiculous.
he was supposed to call me by the end of the following week, I still have not heard from him. The end of the week would have been 9/4.
I called my agent on 9/9 or 9/10, they were going to call somebody and find out. Didnt happen. I called the agent again on 9/16 and whoever I talked to was surprised I was still in teh dark, they pulled it up on their computer and started rattling off what sounded like an itemized statement, I lost track quick. supposedly a check for roughly half was mailed out 9/11 (a MONTH after the storm) and I still hadnt gotten anything.
I was told if it didn't show up by Monday 9/18 to call back. It showed up exactly that day. 
I have called a couple of guys out to evaluate and schedule my roof repairs, one was so booked, he wouldnt be able to do anything before the end of 2020. I called a 2nd one that was supposed to come for a look yesterday, still waiting.
They both said they wanted to see the letter that SF sent me/ all it said was that they dont pay for depreciation, or diminished property values, and several other things but nothing about what the check they sent WAS supposed to fix.
so yesterday I stopped by my agent. Apparently the girl I talked to was not who I talked to in my previous calls. She said "Oh no, we cannot print that info off for customers, you have to call the {1(800)- "eat $#!T"} number and get that from the claims adjuster, we cannot provide that". 

OK W T F???  You are the AGENT that REPRESENTS SF!!! Cmon now really? Someone from THIS OFFICE looked it up and rattled off what I am after over the phone to me so I know you have that info.  "well yeah but they (whoever that is) wont allow us to do that". Yet ANY SF agent anywhere can access that? MY info?  that I can't get for myself?  they want the customer to do everything online and wait...... I have a computer (obviously, that's how I am here now) but that ISN'T my JOB, nor is it what I PAY FOR! I dont want companies like this to have my Email info, sorry. I get enough spam without giving them another means, thanks....  Why does the customer ultimately have to do the work themselves that they actually pay for? They oughtta put me on payroll if I gotta do my own work......

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: magnumman on September 29, 2020, 05:10:46 PM
I've never had State Farm for many reasons.  Mainly they don't pay the full amount unless they're sued.  Many of my friends had State Farm and have gotten screwed by them after they make a claim.  I don't deal with insurance agents anymore, I buy the policy directly from the insurance company.  Currently I have Allstate, I haven't needed to file a claim but the costs of premiums are significantly lower than going through an agent.

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on September 30, 2020, 03:44:29 PM
well I had somebody else from teh agency I deal with call (kind of a "cold call" out of the blue) Monday,  partly to ask how things are going with my home repairs.... partly to brag about how each of my vehicles have dropped in premium by $15-30 per policy recently and (the real reason she called) to see what kind of life insurance we have, and if we have any "not" tied to our jobs..... and to convince me to come in and meet with teh agent so they can sell me some.
I have hated SF a while now, especially ever since my agent retired and we got placed/ "stuck with" this one..... I hate their calls to come in and "review what we have" so often..... I'll call you when I have an issue, thanks.
I did tell this PITA who called me Monday about what had happened Saturday, and after she said "they do that to protect the policy holder", in other words as soon as the potential contractor gets their hands on the report that they "make sure" they make out their bill to use every available penny", and without it often a customer can negotiate a better deal..... Hey wait a damn minute, that again benefits the big insurance company right? again I ain't employed by SF, so why should I be "negotiating a better deal fpr THEM?  I mean I gotta pay the same deductible regardless..... and they say they are obligated to pay up to policy limits" per occurrence right?

Anyway I complained about teh response I got Saturday to this other person from teh same insurance office and she said "I have it right here; I'll print it off and have it ready whenever you can get by to get it...."
Then; I get to the office about 2 hours later, and ask for what we talked about on the phone and this woman (I think she is "office manager" or something like that) says when I ask for what I came for; "Oh, YOU"re Don"??? IDK if she was disappointed or what..... but she gave me what I thought I should have had with the check in the 1st place......

a couple of things with their quote I disagree with.... which I just briefly browsed until the contactor I will be using (unless he tells me he is hopelessly swamped) was here to go over it with me....
The 1st thing I noticed off the bat (remember the letter with the check that only told what they DON'T pay for... things like "depreciation" "diminished property values as a result of damage that initiated claim,etc".
My gutters are 3 maybe 4 years old at the most.... and they depreciated their value by 25%.... so  a set of seamless gutters only have a life expectancy of around 12 years?  Bull $#!t. 
They quoted me for standard 5" gutters, I have upgraded 6" gutters.  which are more expensive. and they shorted me by about 5 feet on the one side, even though the adjuster said they were replacing the whole run....
They did however put in to replace the whole gutter on the back side of the house for 1 piddly dent..... which I aint worried about. There was a limb from same tree further along past it in the back yard and I'm sure that was the source of the dent. I did ask if maybe we could cut that gutter down (the side of teh house that got the worst damage the gutter is 1/2 the length of the one on the back of the house)
I actually suggested either leaving that long side alone... or replacing that one but cutting it in half then put that section on the side where most damage was, instead.... maybe dumb idea I know.
I also have some roof material left from when I originally put that roof on, Menard's over sold me by aLOT when I did the roof)  I didnt tell the Ins adjuster I had that leftover material..... stashed in the rafters of my big garage. 
I pulled all that down just a bit ago.... lots more smaller pieces than I remember, though it has been stashed for 11 years since it was put up there.  ("CRS" partly kicking in)   IDK that I have enough usable  material to do me much good in saving some off of "my end" of the bill...... but should be plenty to re roof the shed in metal to make that match the house as I have also thought of doing for a while now but just haven't gotten around to..... and for which the insurance also gave me $$ to reroof in shingles, as it currently is....

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on October 28, 2020, 12:59:18 PM
well after only the 4th roofer, I finally got 1 to take care of this. not for about another 2 weeks though. and then the fight with the insurance to acknowledge they didn't show all of the damage done, itemized list only showed them fixing 1 flank not including the flank where the tree actually landed..... and all teh agent wants to do is call the claims dept several states away and leave a message for them to call me....... finally got that part of the mess straightened out

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: magnumman on October 30, 2020, 04:21:26 PM
Sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble with SF, this should have been fixed by now. 

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on October 31, 2020, 04:17:48 AM
yeah they have only been 1/2 the problem/// the other 1/2 has been contractors that wont call back, won't stop by after they said they would, I shoulda just done it myself like I originally wanted to, as I put the roof and gutters up myself when they were last done. also not knowing who to call, I have never dealt w/a contractor, always done stuff myself/with help from buddies on a weekend, sort of deal.... I knew 4 companies "not to" call, 3 are actually the same people that came out under a different name after the public found out who they really were/// changing your company name and starting "new" only lasts so long til people find out who's behind the name

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: magnumman on November 02, 2020, 04:33:45 PM
Give these guys a shot, I have never used them but I know them to be good people.  I've seen some of their work and its impressive.  They are local in Braidwood.  Tell them you are a friend of mine.

AS-1 Construction and Remodeling
Phone   :   (815) 955-1393

Title: Re: What a. Week
Post by: donram360 on November 04, 2020, 03:50:11 AM
After 4 contractors I think I finally found a winner
Which is weird because when I was asking around who to go to, nobody I asked seemed to know anyone. I saw a truck and trailer from a local construction outfit at a house on my way home from work one day and stopped by to ask if they did any metal roofing. They said that they don't, but gave me a number to call. I don't know anything about this company except that I have seen them around for years.
As it turns out the guy who they gave me the number for used to work for them and branched out on his own. And when he came over and we were talking about what I wanted, he asked if I knew this guy or that guy from my area,  because he did/
As it turns out, these were  the 1st 2 of my buddies who I asked  about if they knew anyone who did that kind of work. And these buddies both said they couldn't think of anyone just look in the phone book.