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 on: Today at 04:16:48 AM 
Started by magnumman - Last post by donram360
Yeah I wished I had spent longer in the garage instead of watching the 1st half.., bears had the ball alot (most of the 1st quarter.... Rams had it what, 1 play and turned it over back to the bears... And they couldn't do anything with it. I hit the sack shortly after the bears got their TD, because 4:30 am gets here so quickly especially on Monday morning.

 on: Yesterday at 05:34:59 PM 
Started by magnumman - Last post by magnumman
Trubisky isn't good but the offensive line is terrible.  The Offense play calling "Nagy" has me throwing my remote!

 on: Yesterday at 05:26:50 AM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by donram360
well, I never talked to anybody about them, yesterday, when I posted the question here. I've seen this particular set there since before I had this Durango back up and running, was thinking about putting them on my Dakota, IF I would have had another set of 16" wheels (both Dakotas are 15s)  but wound up with another set of Cooper AT3s on the Dakota.
At the time, I asked the guy about these Pirellis, and he told me at the time I got the Dakota's tires about his thoughts on the brand and he said then that he'd give me another 10% off the sale price of them.... hope he remembers that. They are on sale a whole lot cheaper before the extra 10%,  than what AT3s would cost me for the Durango but "was" price is more than the AT3s.  
(yeah this is Farm and Fleet Im talking about, I don't take my vehicles there for anything but spend a lot there, I take my wheels off here and take them just the wheels....)

  16" wheels  are going the way of the dodo bird like 14 and 15" tires before them... seems like 17s are the "entry level" on anything these days, and lots of 18s and 20s as OEM tire sizes... my Durango is a bigger, heavier SUV than a current Exploder (V8, primarily RWD when not being run as a 4wd, full frame, etc. vs sideways V6, wrong wheel drive, unibody) and all of the cop spec Exploders are on 18s, as are the cop Caprice's.....  what I work on all day at the job

I didn't even go to that store yesterday (wound up running around 3 hours south of here doing "honey-do's".... looking to match up some porcelain floor tile I bought there a while back, just now getting ready to tackle that project/ and it appears the wife wants more done with the same tile as I have already.... nevermind.

but when we got back to town and made our stops here, we ran into someone that works there (the tire place) in a different store, and I was asking him when the Mgr worked again, as I was interested in some tires// his reply.. "again"? he thought I was looking for some for the same truck as I bought tires for, a few weeks ago... No, we have 3 vehicles....  but I want to talk to the guy that said he'd give me the extra % off, since he was the one that made me the offer....
the reviews online that I see on these tires I am now considering are all pretty promising-sounding.... not that I pay too much attn to that, because I seem to have better luck with many things that the average person doesn't...  

I remember 20-ish years ago when I still worked at Sears auto center part time,  a customer coming in back then,  raving about Pirelli Scorpions, as his buddy had a set// and he drove his buddy's truck often (they worked together I guess--) and raved about them and how he wanted the same thing on his own truck... He ended up getting them, and hating them....I think the 2 guys had different kind of trucks from each other but both pickups, nether was an "SUV"...    I have never had a vehicle with them on it myself, though....

 on: November 16, 2019, 07:57:04 PM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by magnumman
Ive tried them years ago on my Ram.  They lasted a long time, it wasn't great in the snow but nothing is on my Ram because its 2wd.  Stopping in the rain wasn't as good as my Michelin's.  They were made in Brazil.  Overall I liked them because they lasted and the price was right. 

Since you walked away from the sale today, you can probably go back and argue an even lower price.  I've never paid "their" price for tires...

 on: November 16, 2019, 03:29:47 PM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by donram360
wont let me edit... meant to say that this local place has them on a good sale. I think they ordered them "for" somebody that didn't come back for them.

 on: November 16, 2019, 11:53:46 AM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by donram360
Here lately I have been buying Cooper tires, probably the last 4-5 sets between my 3 vehicles. I could use a set for the Durango, and I see a place local that has a set of pirelli all terrain ones in my Durango's size, thinking of trying them. Cheaper than going with the Cooper AT3'S like what I have.
Anyone here run these before? How quiet? How well do they hold up? Traction in wet or snow?

 on: November 12, 2019, 04:28:48 PM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by magnumman
Casey's in Herscher would be closest that I know of to you. The one in crescent City also has it, which is right on my way to work.

The Caseys in Braceville use to do it but they only have 87 Octane.

 on: November 12, 2019, 08:34:28 AM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by donram360
Casey's in Herscher would be closest that I know of to you. The one in crescent City also has it, which is right on my way to work.

 on: November 11, 2019, 05:42:49 PM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by magnumman
Im glad you got it going congrats!

they actually have a couple of places not real far away to get non ethanol gas again.... 


 on: November 11, 2019, 12:53:24 PM 
Started by donram360 - Last post by donram360
well new plates are on, has insurance, filled up the gas tank for the 1st time in 3 years, (had put a 5 gallon canful in, a couple of times in that 3 years) they actually have a couple of places not real far away to get non ethanol gas again....   

also new rear leafs in, 4 new shocks, ALL new suspension bushings (except for rear sway bar bushings and links)  in and done, had to put a new battery in/ as the one I saved from my 92 Dakota wasn't as good as I remember it being, its sitting at an alignment shop now....  1st time its been away from home this long, and 1st time in 3 or 4 years it has had snow on it....alignment guy might have a few days as he is booked appointment wise til after Turkey day.... said if I left it, he could "squeeze it in" within a couple days.... if he gets a no show, etc, but with what I hear about this guy, and my experience with other local shops with an alignment rack, sounds like it's worth letting him have it a few days.
drove it again last nite to go get gas and try out the new suspension goodies,  plus let the new springs and the torsion bars settle so I could verify my measurements on torsion bar adjustment.... was pulling left but I had left side sitting 1/2" lower than right/ adjusted that left side height to match the right and pull went away..... but I know that the alignment isn't right because I had all the adjustment points apart yesterday with the bushing job....  had to burn out the lowers with a bottle torch, didn't look bad but definitely drives better with the new ones in.... upper bushings looked worse, dry rotted but also still mostly intact looking.. not  metal on metal, like the ones were earlier this year in both of my Dakotas before I replaced them

but again, drives noticeably better/ even with alignment all screwed up than before... no more feeling like the azz end is gonna come out from under, no more "wallowing".... been like that since I towed a Wrangler to southern IL and towed back a Bronco II for a neighbor about 4 years ago..... no more rear end sag..... does ride stiffer now, hope some of that goes away as the new springs and front end parts settle in.....

have been scouting CL "all over the place" and too many idiots wanting more $$ for rotted out junk than I paid for this one back in 2013..... some with even more miles on them than mine.... strange, I see newer versions (different body style Durangos, many with the Hemi) for lower asking price than the remaining ones like my 01.....  seems like more newer ones with engine issues being listed than ones like mine too.... especially 4.7 powered rigs.  Ill keep my 360, thanks.

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