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Author Topic: made in China bites again and again and AGAIN!  (Read 2110 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2018, 04:12:39 PM »

actual parts were the lower end of the percentages. Fluids and cleaners were the highest.....  I shake my head when I drive by the place and se a HUGE banner proclaiming a "sale" like the item is being sold at a good rate.
Not when their banner says $9.99 for a regular standard can of R134a (no fancy sealer or gauge on the can, nothing like that) with a claimed "regular" price of $12.99, when I can go to Farm and Fleet or WalMart or even now Meijer now that they opened and get it "on sale" for $4-something a can  and around $6 when it isn't on sale....

but, this goes to show that they can still make money selling regular name brand more likely to be made in USA or Canada parts instead of the unknown house brand crap that comes from who knows where,  and sell the known name brand stuff most likely at the same retail price of this sh*t that they are pawning on us as "all that they can get"
I found my tie rods and brakes for even less than Rockauto, including delivery to my door but even at the prices Rockauto wanted for my tie rod ends.... $20-some a piece-- they aint losing a penny at that level. WHy does O"Wrongleys feel they need to sell one for DOUBLE that and teh other for TRIPLE that to make a "satisfactory" profit?      OK if you own a garage, that $41 tie rod end from OWrongleys may be able to be bought for $35 and the $63 one for what, maybe $50?

I ain't buying the idea that Rockauto GETS their stuff for that much less than O"Wrongleys does, when they get it from Moog.....  and then consider that there is no licensed, registered, auto repair business that sells their parts to a customer,  at cost.... so the customet is gonna pay $75 and $100+ for the SAME EXACT parts that I paid $5 and $15 for, same brand and everything......     I understand free enterprise and all but there is a point of ridiculous.....

I agree with you 100%

I expect Stores like Napa, O'reillys, Advance and Autozone to charge a bit more than Rockauto. The only reason I expect this is because these retail stores have to pay higher prices because they have hundreds of stores and have to pay property tax, municipal sales tax, payroll tax at each location while Rockauto has few warehouses.  But charging 100% to 200% more for the exact same part that you can get at Rockauto and Amazon is greed and taking advantage of the customer.

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