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Author Topic: is this weird or what?  (Read 314 times)
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« on: September 24, 2019, 03:59:59 PM »

this last Saturday I took a ride, about 180 miles there and back.  I had seen a  "mechanic's special" truck on CL a couple of weeks before. Newer than I usually try to go for but the price seemed right even if I had to do an engine swap. I had talked to the guy like a week before I decided to go for a look. I had wanted to go next day but woke up to a monsoon and the local weather looked like I would be going right into the worst of it, so I didn't feel like crawling around in wet gravel.....  so I decided "screw it..."we used to just jump in the truck and drive for no good reason but to go for a ride...  have not done that in quite a while so this was a good excuse. I didn't call the guy telling him I was headed out, I tried to when I was in his town and got no answer so W T F, just cruised around this town, it's small, didn't take me long to find. 

as it turns out even from that far away, I found out we know some of the same people. I know a woman from there, and a guy from the next town over thru my work.... people that come to me for getting their state cars worked on, that "happen to be" from right in his area. 1st thing weird.

I looked at this truck, listened to what the guy had to say about the truck and things he has done to it in the few years he has had it before the motor went and thought it would be a good deal if I could get it for the price I had in mind.   (he is still in the old Shelby club, still has a Shelby Dakota in the garage and has had several Shelby turbo cars... cool) 
He proceeded to tell me that he tentatively had it sold, he and another person had agreed on a price and this other buyer was supposed to come after it the next day,  he wa stired of screwing with this other guy,  the seller was giving this buyer thru the weekend to follow thru with their agreement otherwise he would let me have next shot at it.
He sent me a text to tell me that it had, in fact sold and thanked me for my interest.

Here is where it gets really weird. I took a little different way home from work today, a way that I sometimes take/ but haven't in a couple weeks,  a way that takes me past a hole in the wall, Mexican owned auto repair place. The light was red at the next corner so I had a chance to sit there a couple minutes in front of this hole in the wall and what do I see? The very exact same truck that I drove almost 200 miles to check out, just a few days ago,  here it is sitting in a shop less than 5 miles from me..... from that far away.  from the slight rust on the bottom of the tailgate, to the dual exhaust and brand new shiney Reese hitch, and the Shelby club of America sticker in the back window, I knew it was the exact same truck....   the Mexicans already had the engine out and were prepping another (apparently junkyard) engine almost ready to drop it into the engine bay..... That didn't take long.....
the truck is a 06 Ram 1500 2wd, reg cab with 8' bed, with 128k miles and a (gulp) 4.7 in it.   I have heard of lots of Hemi swaps in place of 4.7s, and was considering that if I had gotten it. I did have a couple of lower mile 4.7s located for a decent price, as they go.....   but this was the 1st time Id seen a  4.7 inus its valve covers and intake.... and now I know I don't want one. plastic timing chain guides just like the worst engine ever from Mopar.... the 2.7 Intrepid engine.... I've had my rounds with 2 of those, never again. steel chain rubbing on plastic tensioners. Dumbest engine design "feature" ever invented.
Too bad because except for teh surface rust on the bottom of that tailgate that was one clean truck....
my guess is the guy that owns the equally "hole in the wall" car lot on the diagonally opposite corner at the same intersection bought it...... I'll know, if I see it appear across the street on that car lot anytime soon....

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« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2019, 04:27:46 PM »

That is strange. 

That timing set up, while looking inferior does last quite a while, around 200k or more if oil changes were done when needed.  The only bad thing is the head gaskets didn't last much past 200k either.  The timing chain usually would outlast the head gaskets.

Overall I like that motor.   Its economical for a v8, I was getting 24mpg in my 2003 Durango 4.7 after the Jeep GC TCM swap.  It also had some decent power for its CID. 

2001 Ram QC 1500: 360cid, 2wd, K+N CAI, SCT tune, Autolite AP3923\'s, MP 1.7 rollers, MP pushrods, SST rims, Hypertech coil, 10.2mm wires, Gibson super truck exhaust, 3\" magnaflow cat, modified Y pipe, modified kegger, 3.92 LSD, MSD-6, Transgo shift kit, 4.7L Injectors, Hipotek 52mm TB, (Currently under construction for a 408 build)

POS Chevy Trailblazer 4x4, the 4x4 is the only good part. This is my Son's truck now.

2007 Chrysler 300 2.7L "Wifes car" No complaints other than it slow.

2012 Ram 5.7 Hemi Outdoorsman, 4x4, LSD, Air Bag Suspension.
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