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August 08, 2020, 11:35:55 PM

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Author Topic: idea for possible engine build  (Read 265 times)
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« on: July 06, 2020, 01:52:21 PM »

For those of you that haven't slogged thru the thread on my Durango and all the problems with an engine overhaul I'll save you the grief. read it if you want, its a few threads below this one.
Suffice it to say that everything that could have gone wrong with this build, did so. this was NOT my first ever engine build// though when I did that several years before I had many less problems.
just goes to show you can never be too careful. and be careful who you source parts from, and who you trust to include their hands in all your hard work. the only overhaul I have done and had any problems at all///   

anyways that leaves me with a 2000 360 short block sitting on a dolley waiting for engine stand space, so I can do an autopsy and correct the problems, and do a "Tim Taylor-- more power"  power improvement vs a stock 360...... 

My son also has a fresh 360, that we did some time back, that he wanted to do his own "more power" upgrade to.... so, he turned his engine into a 408. so that leaves me his nearly fresh rotating assembly  collecting dust.... the only potential problem is that his 360 is/was an LA 360 from the 1970s,, not a Magnum. His build, like mine was 30-over. but he used flat top pistons, with 4 "eyebrow" valve reliefs the only deviation from stock. instead of what I think was the worst handicap they could have done to an engine. I always wondered why every 360, whether LA or Magnum came from the factory, crippled by dished pistons? when the 318s didn't?

I want to use these 30-over, flat top pistons from my son's LA 360, in my 30-over Magnum block. I have a great Magnum crank here that could be donated to the cause (used but excellent shape) as the original crank in my block "should be"  but has to be checked because of the slurry of bearing material that came out with the "break in" oil, because I didn't know that I would have an injector or 2, stick wide freakin open, shortly after this engine went together and wash out the rings..... injectors that had "just" been rebuilt by a Bosch factory authorized service center.... that have since found their way to the trash bin.

His LA crank, as well, is in perfect shape. not a lot of miles on that rebuild either. but more than the 6 miles that this block went.....
I have heard the external balance between an LA and a Magnum 360, is a different amount of balance.  could I use the Magnum crank with the LA pistons and rods? or the whole crank rods and pistons from the LA motor?  What combo would you use?
I guess I could just use the LA 360 harmonic balancer and torque converter.  but Id like to balance it "neutral" while I am at it, like a 318 is....   would be easier for when I go to put it into which ever vehicle I have that it would find itself being put into. Nows the time while it is apart.

Cam and heads up for discussion, to be dealt with later, once the short block is together. not sure where this engine would go, have 4 possibilities in the driveway right now. 2 carbureted and 2 injected.
they are.... 96 Dakota club cab 4wd, the original 01 Durango this short block was supposed to be sitting in, am 80 Volare or an 85 D150 pickup.

NOT looking to build a race car, could wind up as a tow rig or street toy depending on which vehicle I decide to plop it into.
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