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Like a lot of people, I hate going to the parts store.  You are more often than not going to deal with a clerk who really can't help you, no matter how good their intentions.  With websites like Rock Auto, Napaonline, Autozone and others you can get most parts off the web.  Their search engines vary in coming up with the right parts though.  So......I've listed some handy part numbers here.  You can take them down to the store and avoid making the parts drone use his brain or you can order off the web.  I hope they help you out.


Spark Plug Wires For 5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm    32189

Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Blue    74676

Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Black    74076

JBA Power Cables 8mm Red 0945

JBA Power Cables 9mm Blue 06459

Accel Extreme 9000 Wires 9023

Mopar Performance 7.5mm P4876432

Ignition Coils & Accessories For 5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

MSD Blaster OEM Replacement Coil    8228

Accel Super Coil OEM Replacement    140021

Accel Harness To Use The MSD or Accel Coils On 98 + Up Trucks    140021AH

Brass Cap & Rotor For 5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

Napa Cap    MO29

Napa Rotor    MO26

Accel Cap    120329

Accel Rotor    130328

Borg Warner Cap    C274

Borg Warner Rotor    D223

Thermostats & Gaskets For 3.9/4.7/5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

Robert Shaw 180'    GT755-180

Jet Performance 180'    10170

Stant 180'    65358

NAPA Superstat 180'    530080

NAPA Thermostat Gasket For 3.9/5.2/5.9    1038ST

Engine Seal Gaskets Thermostat Gasket For 3.9/5.2/5.9    85706

Stant Thermostat Gasket For 3.9/5.2/5.9    27138

Mopar Thermostat Gasket For 3.9/5.2/5.9    53021051AB

Water Pump For 5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

Flowkooler 1790

Serpentine Belts For 3.9/5.2/5.9 Magnum W/AC & Power Steering

Goodyear Gatorback 4070975

Gates    K070976

Oil Filters For 3.7/3.9/4.7/5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

K&N    HP-2004

Mobil 1    M1-204

K&N (3.7 Only)    HP-2009

Other Gaskets

Fel Pro Head Gasket    1008

Fel Pro Throttle Body Mounting Gasket 3.9/5.2/5.9    60958-1

NAPA Throttle Body Mounting Gasket 3.9/5.2/5.9    G31527

Mopar 3.9/5.2/5.9 Throttle Body Mounting Gasket    53030541

Fel Pro Throttle Body/Air Hat Gasket 3.9/5.2/5.9    60038

Mopar Throttle Body/Air Hat Gasket 3.9/5.2/5.9    53032451AA

Fel Pro 9 1/4 Differential Cover Gasket    RDS55073

Fel Pro 8 1/4 Differential Cover Gasket    RDS55047

Fel Pro 7 1/4 Differential Cover Gasket    RDS12775

Fel Pro Dana 44 Differential Cover Gasket RDS6629

Mopar 4.7 Throttle Body Mounting Gasket    53030952AB

Mopar 5.2/5.9 Header Gasket    P4876102

Fel Pro 3.7/3.9/4.7/5.2/5.9 Fuel Injector O-Rings, Set of 4    ES70599

Gibson 5.2/5.9 Header Gasket, Must Order 2    9245

Fel Pro 5.2/5.9 Intake Manifold Gaskets With Belly Pan Gasket    MS95392-1

Emissions Equipment 3.9/5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

Fram PCV Valve    FV348

Fuel Filter/Regulator For 1995 3.9/5.2/5.9 Magnum Motors

Mopar    4864849


Mopar ATF+4, Quart    5013457AA

Red Line 75W90 Gear Oil, Quart    57904

Red Line MTL, Quart    50204

Red Line C+ATF    30604

Red Line Water Wetter    80204


ARP Head Bolts 5.2/5.9 Magnum Stainless Hex Head    144-3604

ARP Header Bolts 5.2/5.9 Magnum Stainless Hex Head    444-1102